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Culinary Anthropology: BBQ

May 31, 2018 BY Dax

​Over the last few years, our culinary team has traveled across the South to explore the home of American BBQ and rise of Asian BBQ flavors. On each trip, we took a closer look at what makes up a region’s particular flavor: the history, cooking methods, mean, sauce and, of course, the people. What do they have in common, and how do they differ? Finding what makes these recipes special can help make it an asset that will easily elevate retail or restaurant items.

We call this hands-on experience culinary anthropology. In this e-book, we will share our findings and the flavors that have broken through the clutter. This e-book will highlight:

  • The subcultures of traditional BBQ
  • Preferred combinations of flavor layering
  • The rise of Asian flavor

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