Product Development

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Asenzya’s® research and development staff consists of experienced professionals whose diversity of food industry expertise and ability to solve problems collaboratively makes them uniquely qualified to craft creative and individualized solutions for you. As an Asenzya® customer, you will have an opportunity to work with an R&D team member who is responsible for thoroughly understanding and achieving your unique goals. This process allows Asenzya® to focus on keeping your company on the leading edge of flavor trends. Our customers are even encouraged to work onsite alongside Asenzya’s® technical team.


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At Asenzya®, innovation is a core part of who we are. We believe that our customers’ needs must be at the center of all that we do and that innovation must drive our process. In keeping with this philosophy, we strive to work in partnership with our customers on their unique projects. Each member of Asenzya’s® R&D team is adept at creating innovative products by carefully considering each of the factors that are important to our customers. Team members simultaneously regard diverse ingredient components, including flavor, aroma, texture, visual appearance, and cost-efficacy, as well as other industry-specific elements, such as labeling, nutrition/sodium content, allergen elimination, country of origin, and shelf-life. Asenzya® excels at bringing together both the art and the science of innovation!

Product Capabilities

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Asenzya® is a specialized dry-blending company offering customized seasoning solutions and functional products, making our clients' products unique. We custom-grind spices, seeds and herbs, as well as dry-blend ingredients to create unique flavor blends essential to the taste profiles of a wide variety of products ranging from meats, snacks, sauces and dressings to prepared foods. Maintaining our in-house grinding operation allows us to partner with your company to meet your specific needs and ensures that your spice blend flavors are not diminished by ingredients reduced in potency by their post-grind age.

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