Custom Blends

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When we create any custom blend, the two most important questions are “How does it taste?” and “Does it meet the customer’s requirements?”

This is where the art and science of developing custom blends comes into play with our team of talented food scientists. We have a long history of creatively delivering custom solutions to our customers no matter what the requirements. Our extensive library of seasoning formulas gives Asenzya® an edge in the development process. We can develop, adjust or match a flavor profile to suit your specific needs. It’s what makes Asenzya® unique and sets us apart from our competition.

Protein Seasonings

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Asenzya® has a successful track record in providing seasonings to the meat industry. Whether for beef, pork, chicken or seafood, we have the expertise to deliver the flavor you want.

Our meat specialist understands the intricacies of protein flavoring and will design a solution that works best for you. We take into account the texture impact, coloration and application method in order to ensure we deliver an outstanding seasoning solution. Consumer demand for protein continues to increase, bringing opportunity for new flavors. We have an extensive list of base flavors that could be the genesis of a custom designed solution for you!

Snack Seasonings

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Snack time is almost any time for today’s busy consumer. As snack consumption increases, so does the demand for new and interesting flavors. That’s where Asenzya® comes in.

We have a long history of developing and supplying snack seasonings to many of today’s largest snack manufacturers. We develop seasonings for chips, pretzels, popcorn and other mainline snacks. Our ability to translate today’s flavor trends into solutions for snack customers sets us apart. We also understand how to manage our seasoning solutions with the various seasoning delivery systems in the marketplace. Our expertise and tenure allows us to deliver seasonings that your consumers will love.

Sauces, Dressings & Soups

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A flavorful food product can be enhanced with unique applications on top, such as sauces or dressings, or with accompaniments like soups. Asenzya’s® talented food scientists and culinary experts have the experience and creativity to deliver on both. The development of sauces or soups requires an understanding of how they will work alongside the base food. Asenzya® can develop the optimal solution to provide the perfect rich and flavorful accent for your product.

Dairy & Dips

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Seasoning and flavor solutions for dairy products require a balanced approach. Asenzya’s® food scientists have the experience and knowledge to deliver exceptional results. They manage the complexities of dairy-based foods and the accent flavors that bring them to life. Achieving this balanced approach in development is what Asenzya® is all about.


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Asenzya® has worked with many of today’s largest bakery companies to develop solutions for a wide variety of products. From topical bread applications to savory seasonings for bread stuffing, we’ve done it all.

Our extensive line of base seasonings and topical application formulas is the perfect starting point for your next project. Asenzya’s® experience and creativity will lead to outstanding and timely results for you.


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Asenzya® gives its customers access to spices from around the globe. Our extensive supply network allows us to deliver high quality spices when and how you need them. Our in-house grinding capabilities ensure that your spices are top quality with maximum flavor pop.

Our goal is to guarantee that our spices work with other food ingredients to deliver the flavor and texture your products require.