Endless Meatless Possibilities

The innovators at Asenzya® present P2 (pronounced “P-Squared”) A new delicious customizable plant-based protein. This all-natural, “just add water” dry blend process gives it a level of shelf stability that meat just can’t beat! It also gives manufacturers the ability to offer consumers a fresh approach to pea or soy-based proteins with the same functionality as meat. So, anything meat can do, P2 can do better!

Plant-based Protein



2 Substrate options: Soy or Pea

Rehydration process = longer shelf life

Multiple Applications

Now more than ever, consumers are seeking an all-natural protein, meat replacement. P2 is a great option with its ease of prep and product longevity. It’s as easy as open, rehydrate, mix and create.

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Have a recipe that calls for ground beef call on P2®! This meat analogue works in any place of red meat. Ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner, P2 is a meat replacement winner!

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