In-house Grinding

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Asenzya® maintains its own grinding operation in the U.S. This allows us to exercise control over the freshness and flavor pop of the products we grind. When products are ground overseas, we can’t be confident that the overseas grinding process is up to our specifications.

Grinding in house also allows us control over the purity of the spices, herbs and seeds we receive. Asenzya® examines the quality of the whole materials upon arrival at our dock after sterilization, and only those products that pass our stringent inspection criteria are accepted. Grinding in the U.S. from whole materials assures the final product contains only the intended spice, herb or seed, and nothing more.

GFSI Certified

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GFSI is the Global Food Safety Initiative, an international body founded by food retailers and manufacturers to improve food-safety throughout the world. It achieves this by using a single set of global standards that ensure a common approach around the globe. Asenzya® has been BRC certified since 2011, reflecting our ongoing dedication to food safety and our commitment to understanding the expectations of our customers across the globe.

Quality Assurance Overview

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At Asenzya®, quality assurance considerations are front and center in each of our programs, processes and operations. Our commitment to this area is integral to every aspect of our company culture and is stressed in both our ongoing performance expectations and internal training procedures. Nothing is more important to us than the quality and safety of the products we manufacture.

Our emphasis upon quality assurance begins immediately with the pre-receipt sterilization of incoming raw materials and permeates each successive process: converting raw materials into ground spices, herbs, seeds and unique seasoning blends; product warehousing; product packaging; materials and process testing; and finished-product testing.