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At Asenzya® our culinary approach to projects is important to us. We understand that a seasoning and functional ingredient company is also a food company at heart. We employ trained culinary professionals that also have restaurant, product development and manufacturing experience. Asenzya® encourages our partners to utilize our culinary experience to help innovate new concepts and flavor profiles.

Culinary Arts

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To some people culinary arts is simply cooking great tasting food. But, at Asenzya® that is only a small part of our culinary division. Our belief and practice is heavily founded in education; the culinary education of our partners and us is vital to our joint success. When you have a solid understanding of the history and roots of a dish you are preparing, it allows you to put your heart and soul into what you are creating.


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Most jobs have a start and finish. At Asenzya®, we believe that being a chef is more of an all-encompassing passion for food than just a job. We take our excitement with us everywhere we go, always paying attention to the influence and trends from the world around us. We didn’t choose to become chefs, our desire to continually learn about different cuisines and unique ingredients lead us here.