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Research and The Team Approach

April 17, 2019 Prepared By Melody

A Fusion of Science and Flavor

One of my favorite things about working at Asenzya® is our team approach to research and development. This team approach is carried out in several ways throughout the development process, whether it is a collaborative effort within Asenzya’s Research and Development department, Sales, and Culinary departments, or even alongside our customers. Embracing this team-focused tactic allows us to utilize the different expertise each department or individual can provide to develop outstanding products for our customers and end-users.

No Silos Here

Each member of our Research and Development team brings different experiences, knowledge and taste buds to the table. During the development process of a seasoning blend, the lead scientist on a project frequently requests input from the other scientists to create and fine tune the finished product. It is not uncommon for other team members to suggest flavor changes, the use of a new ingredient they had good experiences with, or an entirely different approach to the project. Seeking out additional input helps us grow as developers and also allows us to put together the best solution for our customers.

Standing Mixer

The close collaboration between the Asenzya® Culinary team and the Research and Development team is another way Asenzya® approaches development projects. The Asenzya® Culinary team is constantly researching current and emerging trends and educating both the Research and Development team and our customers on their findings. Some of my favorite, and sometimes the most challenging, projects are when we are tasked with translating a gold standard, developed by the Culinary team, into a dry seasoning blend. By having the Culinary gold standard available to us, we as developers are able to better understand the layers and intricacies in a flavor profile. This enables us to accurately interpret those flavors and apply them to the development of dry seasonings used for items such as a snack topical, meat marinade or sauce seasoning.

Working Alongside our Customers

As scientists, one of the most rewarding opportunities is when we are able to help our customers quickly and successfully achieve their project objectives. One way we enjoy speeding up this process is by inviting customers to come work with us at our facility. At Asenzya®, we always welcome our customers to collaborate with us in our lab, which often can speed up the development while increasing our odds of success. When customers come into our facility to work with us, it is a great opportunity to learn about each others’ processes for development and evaluation. It also allows us to build amazing relationships with customers that can be utilized in future projects.

The team approach to development at Asenzya® is something that we live and breathe each day with each new project. This culture of collaboration is one of the many great things about working at Asenzya®, and is how we continue to grow as developers and scientists.

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