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Garlic Prices Causing A Stink

August 22, 2016 Prepared By Chris

Garlic is widely used around the world for its powerful flavor as a seasoning and condiment. You can find it used in China dating back to 2000 B.C. and Mediterranean Europe. While not an initial staple in the America’s, it has gained favor over time based on the influx of immigrants from those countries. Italian, Chinese, and Indian cuisines use garlic as an important part of delivering their signature flavor profiles.

The garlic plant’s bulb is the most often used part of the plant. The cloves are used for consumption either in their raw form or cooked. The plant is grown around the world with China accounting for the majority of global production. Other countries producing garlic include India, South Korea, and Egypt, all at much lower levels than China. The USA is also a producer with much of its crop originating in Gilroy, California.

Over the last few years imported garlic prices have escalated higher than anticipated. As demand for imported garlic rose, 2015 market supplies provided little carryover into 2016 and this year’s harvest has come in short of expectations. When you couple the international supply issues with the U.S. Domestic supply issues driven by the ongoing drought in California, you have a “perfect storm” for rising prices. Many believe that prices could go even higher and relief is not in the immediate future.

So, what do manufacturers do to mitigate this important cost issue? They are in need of a cost-effective solution that can deliver the unique garlic flavor while also producing cost savings.

Asenzya™ has a unique product that can serve up both needs: Garlic SuperCAPS®. SuperCAPS® are “replacers” created by Asenzya that replaces garlic powders with ingredients that provide the same consistent flavor. Garlic SuperCAPS® is a natural garlic flavor plated on Dextrose. It’s a cost effective solution for blends used in a variety of finished products. SuperCAPS® are a perfect fit for companies seeking to use garlic flavor with a more economical alternative.

Asenzya’s SuperCap Garlic advantages include:

  • Price stability.
  • Potential to use blend at half the current level while achieving full flavor.
  • Water soluble.
  • Heat stable.
  • Labeled as natural flavor – ingredient statement reads dextrose and natural flavor.
  • 50 – 125% less expensive than both imported and domestic dehydrated garlic.
  • Cost savings of up to 250% based on using at half the level of imported dehydrated garlic.

As garlic prices continue to rise, think of SuperCAPS® as your answer to this important cost issue. Our group of talented Food Scientists are ready to reformulate your blend to deliver its unique flavor but at a more efficient price. Visit our functional products page to learn more about SuperCAPS® and other innovative product solutions: asenzya.com/functional-products.

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