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SuperCaps to Make Flavors Pop

March 29, 2016 Prepared By Brittany

You know that feeling when you open a package of a tasty treat that promised bold flavor, but when munch came to crunch, the flavor fell flat?

When the package promises a food product will provide a specific flavor, the product should deliver on that promise. Easier said than done, right? Ground spices, garlic and onion are a few ingredients that can help deliver that ‘wow’ factor; unfortunately, they can also quickly increase the price of your seasoning.

With the help of Asenzya’s SuperCaps, you can efficiently add pop back into your seasoning.

What is a SuperCap, you ask? SuperCaps are a proprietary line of “replacers” created by Asenzya® that gives food manufacturers the best of all outcomes in terms of flavor, consistency, solubility and economic benefit.

For example, when a seasoning requires red pepper flavor and aroma without the visual characteristics of red pepper, SuperCap Red Pepper can be used alone. When flavor, aroma and visual characteristics of red pepper are needed, this is achieved by combining the exact type of ground red pepper needed in lesser amounts with Asenzya’s proprietary SuperCap Red Pepper replacer.

Whether used alone or in a formulation for lower cost and best flavor, the product’s promise to the consumer is satisfied by the flavor and aroma, and, if necessary, by the visual characteristics of ground red pepper.

The same principle can be applied to Asenzya’s SuperCap Garlic and SuperCap Onion. These SuperCaps replace garlic and onion powders with ingredients that provide consistent flavor and lower net cost of ingredient usage than both domestic and imported garlic and domestic onion.

What Makes SuperCaps Different?

  • Stable price
  • Potential for use at half of current volume while achieving full flavor
  • Water soluble
  • Heat stable
  • Labeled as natural flavor
  • Neutrally colored

Asenzya’s proprietary line of SuperCaps is extensive, offering a broad spectrum of replacers for a variety of spices, herbs and seeds. A sampling is listed below:

  • Black pepper
  • Red pepper
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Oregano
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon

Interested in learning more about our entire line of SuperCap replacer products? Email us at email@asenzya.com and fill us in on your objectives and the issues stopping you from achieving those objectives. We’ll bring you up to date on the many products in Asenzya’s SuperCap line-up and show you how SuperCaps can help your business solve problems, achieve cost objectives and satisfy consumers.

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