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At Asenzya®, our culinary approach to projects is important to us. We understand that a seasoning and functional ingredient company is also a food company at heart. We employ trained culinary professionals that have restaurant, product development and manufacturing experience. Asenzya® encourages our partners to tap into our culinary experience to drive innovation with new concepts and flavor profiles.

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Product Development

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Asenzya® research and development staff consists of experienced professionals whose diversity of food industry expertise and ability to solve problems collaboratively makes them uniquely qualified to craft creative and individualized solutions for you. As an Asenzya® customer, you will have an opportunity to work with an R&D team member who is responsible for thoroughly understanding and achieving your unique goals. This process allows Asenzya® to focus on keeping your company on the leading edge of flavor trends. Our clients are even encouraged to work onsite alongside the Asenzya® technical team.

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The Asenzya Story

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Asenzya® | A Proud Solina Company, has more than sixty-nine years of tradition and excellence at its core. Regardless of which market your company targets, you can be confident that Asenzya’s® custom spice blends, seasoning solutions and functional products will place your products at the pinnacle of taste and quality. Our investment in building a world-class culinary, research and development, and operations infrastructure has ensured that we are at the forefront of the industry.

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Functional Products

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Asenzya® offers a wide range of functional products. These products can include options for cost reductions, yield enhancement, manufacturing processing advantages and consumer-driven priorities. If there is a challenge you are faced with, contact Asenzya® to find the solution.

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Natural phosphate replacer


Plant-based protein


Sodium reduction


Encapsulated spices to offer cost savings


Blends to offset high commodity costs

Food Safety

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At Asenzya®, food safety considerations are an integral part of our programs, processes and operations. Our commitment to food safety is central to every aspect of our company culture and is stressed in both our training procedures and ongoing performance expectations. When developing custom spice blends, seasoning solutions and functional products an emphasis upon food safety begins immediately with the pre-receipt sterilization of incoming raw materials and permeates each successive process. As a further assurance of safety, quality and adherence to customer specifications, Asenzya’s® programs and operations are monitored by independent third-party audits, including the GFSI recognized BRC audit process.

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Product Capabilities

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Asenzya® is a specialized dry-blending company offering customized seasonings and functional products, making our client's products unique. We custom-grind spices, seeds and herbs, as well as dry-blend ingredients to create unique flavor blends essential to the taste profiles of a wide variety of products ranging from meats, snacks, sauces and dressings to prepared foods. Maintaining our in-house grinding operation allows us to partner with your company to meet your specific needs and ensures that your spice blend flavors are not diminished by ingredients reduced in potency by their post-grind age.

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Career Opportunities

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Asenzya's® success has always been driven by its people. We are always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic individuals that are seeking an opportunity to make a difference. We've been growing since 1953 and with the right team, we can continue our growth well into the future. If you are interested in working at a great company, click the button below to learn more!

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